The Neopac Srl, founded in 1993, produces the packaging machines for weighing/metering mfor small and medium companies.
The founder of Neopac, with thirty years experiences, accompanies the business and allows the creation of simple solutions and especially customized specific needs.
The philosophy consists of: simplicity; reliability and service.
Packaging examples photos
Automatic Vertical Packaging Machines     
For small and medium productions.Realize bags with polyethylene film or coextruded/laminated. Can be used with manual loading by the operator or combined with automatic systems for loading, both at the weight that to count. Suitable for food and non food.
Mechanical & Electronic Weithing Machines  
For small and medium productions. Dosing and unloading: bag or box, or combined with our range of packaging machines for the automatic configuration of small systems. Suitable for food and non food.
Automatic packaging equipment with weighing  
Dosing and automatic packaging. The integrability of the various components guarantees the prossibility to combine according to the needs of productivity the following components: hoppers vibrating; belt elevators; accessories. According to the level of productivity required perfomance.
Automatic packaging equipment with counting  
Counting systems and automatic packaging.
  Special installations        
  Packaging intallations special request of clients performed.